Woodys Targets Fold N Shoot Prairie Dog

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Product Description

Fold N Shoot Prairie Dog 

Woody’s™ Fold-N-Shoot™ (FNS™) Targets provide convenient shooting fun. These targets fold to create their own stable base. Designed to sit on the ground; they can also be taped or stapled to a target stand. Their cardboard construction provides more stability than paper targets in outdoor conditions. Before use, the flat profile makes for easy transportation to the range. Go from flat to fire in seconds! No target stand required.

A target with Two full-color, life-sized prairie dogs are popping up to check the area. Catch them before they disappear.

Woody's™ Fold-N-Shoot™ Targets are convenient. Flat to fire in seconds! No target stand required.

Size 16" x 12"

Sold individually