Seeker Pro Halogen Spotlight

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Seeker Pro Halogen Spotlight

The Seeker Pro 1,500 Lumen 12-Volt Spotlight features a 105 watt halogen bulb that throws those 1,500 lumens for a long distance of 1,640 ft. It plugs right into a car, truck or ATV - no batteries or recharging required! Nothing escapes the view of the Seeker Pro!


  • Tough ABS and tempered glass materials
  • Iron reflector + aluminum cooling fin
  • 12V DC car plug with heavy-gauge 3m(10ft) coil cords with 10 A fuse tube, red LED indicator
  • Tested by DC 13.8V as ANSI standard
  • Handle with adjustable angle for hand-held portable use
  • Handle with soft TPR coat to be slip-proof
  • Convenient and hidden metal hasp
  • Rocker switch on/off on the back


  • Spotlight
  • Power Cord
  • Detachable Red Lens
  • Adjustable Angled Handle
  • Convenient and Hidden Metal Clasp


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