320 Lumen Recharge Flashlight

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NS USB-320

Product Description

320 Lumen Recharge Flashlight

Engineered to be your ideal everyday carry light, the Nightstick USB-320 USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight offers you a powerful 320-lumen beam with rechargeable convenience from a wide variety of sources. A USB charging cable is included that allows you to use a standard USB computer port, the USB port in your car, or a 12 VDC car/vehicle and 110 VAC wall plug adapter (similar to the one you use to charge your phone and tablet). The light's integrated charging port is covered to protect its IPX7 rating, and an LED indicator lets you know when it's charging and fully charged. Waterproof, submersible, and impact resistant, the housing is made of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum and treated with a Type II hard-anodized abrasion- and corrosion-resistant finish. Complementing the housing's durability is a scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that protects the Cree LED. From the garage to the patrol vehicle to your toolbox, as soon as the USB-320 is charged, it will become your indispensable go-to light.


  • Single 320-lumen output
  • One white Cree LED
  • Deep and smooth reflector produces a beam that is sharp and clear to maximize the throw with a clearly delineated bright center surrounded by generous spill



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