100gr Juggernaut TI 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat

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SWAT 95159

Product Description

100gr Juggernaut TI 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat

The 100gr Juggernaut Titanium 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat was designed to be unstoppable to penetrate better than a fixed blade in a mechanical broadhead.  Made of Titanium with a total cut of 2.75", with a steep angled .040 blade and a guaranteed deep wound channel and greatly increased exit wound probability.  The Front Blades can be set to cut a 1 5/8" Entry, or can convert to 1 3/8" Cut, or set to free floating, Also the rear blades can be shot FIXED or mechanical for a massive wound channel and exit wound that is guaranteed to Drain Your Game!


  • Unstoppable penetration: The Juggernaut Titanium Broadhead is specifically designed to achieve exceptional penetration, surpassing the performance of traditional fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads.
  • Titanium construction: The broadhead is crafted from durable and lightweight Titanium, ensuring both strength and maneuverability during flight.
  • Total cut of 2.75": The broadhead boasts a wide total cutting diameter of 2.75 inches, resulting in a substantial wound channel upon impact.
  • Steep angled .040 blades: Equipped with steep angled blades measuring .040 inches in thickness, the broadhead delivers powerful cutting action and deeper penetration.
  • Guaranteed deep wound channel: The Juggernaut Titanium Broadhead guarantees a deep wound channel upon entry, enhancing the effectiveness of the shot and increasing the likelihood of a swift takedown.
  • Increased exit wound probability: With its impressive design and cutting capabilities, the broadhead significantly enhances the probability of a larger exit wound, contributing to a faster and more humane kill.
  • Adjustable front blades: The front blades of the Juggernaut Broadhead can be customized to cut at different diameters. Hunters can set them to create a 1 5/8-inch entry wound, convert to a 1 3/8-inch cut, or choose a free-floating option for versatile hunting scenarios.
  • Versatility in rear blades: The rear blades of the broadhead offer multiple configurations. They can be shot fixed for precise and consistent performance or used as mechanical blades for an even more substantial wound channel and exit wound.
  • Guaranteed game drainage: SWAT Broadheads' commitment to ethical hunting is reflected in the Juggernaut Titanium Broadhead's design, ensuring that it will efficiently drain the game and minimize suffering.

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