100gr Vector 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat

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SWAT 00046

Product Description

100gr Vector 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat

The Swat Vector is constructed of the same materials as all Swat broadheads. The ferrule is constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum which is stronger and lighter than titanium. The X-Out tip is as strong as a chisel point with 4 cutting edges and constructed of 440C and the mechanical blades are constructed of 420 SS. The Swat Vector is fully micro adjustable for cutting diameter and blade angle from 1”-1.75”. Now the hunter can tune their broadhead to the kinetic energy of their set up or the size of the game being hunted.


  • Premium materials: The SWAT Vector is constructed using high-quality materials found in all SWAT Broadheads. The ferrule is made from 7075-T6 aluminum, which belongs to the 7 series and is known for being stronger and lighter than titanium.
  • X-OUT tip: The broadhead features an X-OUT tip that is exceptionally strong, comparable to a chisel point. It is equipped with four cutting edges for improved cutting efficiency during impact. The X-OUT tip is crafted from 440C, a durable and robust stainless steel.
  • Mechanical blades: The SWAT Vector comes with four mechanical blades, each made from 420 SS (stainless steel). These blades are designed to deploy upon impact, ensuring a wide cutting surface and enhanced terminal performance.
  • Micro adjustable design: One of the standout features of the SWAT Vector is its full micro adjustability. This enables the hunter to customize both the cutting diameter and the blade angle of the broadhead. The adjustable range for the cutting diameter and blade angle spans from 1 inch to 1.75 inches.
  • Easy tuning for kinetic energy: Hunters can easily fine-tune the broadhead to match the kinetic energy (KE) of their specific bow setup. This adaptability allows for optimal performance and accuracy when using the SWAT Vector.
  • Versatility for game hunting: The SWAT Vector's micro adjustable features also make it versatile for hunting different game sizes. By adjusting the blade angle and cutting diameter, hunters can use one broadhead effectively for various game types, ensuring a balanced approach to different hunting scenarios.
  • Convenient collar dial: To set the desired cutting diameter and blade angle, the SWAT Vector comes with a blade angle stop collar. This user-friendly dial mechanism allows for quick adjustments and simplifies the tuning process for the broadhead.

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