100gr Crossbow Magnum Chisel Point 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat

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SWAT 95153

Product Description

100gr Crossbow Magnum Chisel Point 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat

The 100gr Crossbow Magnum Chisel Point 4 Blade Broadhead by Swat on impact cuts a 2" Entry Wound and after the Broadhead passes the rib cage and enters the vitals the secondary blade open and cut an additional 1.75" internal cut.  Provides a 2 Blade Entry and 4 Blade Exit.  Blades are .036 thick and the X-MAG has been tested beyond modern crossbow speeds and on targets and B&C whitetails and have been proven to fly more accurate than a fieldpoint.   Ferrules are constructed of 7075-T6 Aluminum (twice as strong other heads) Tip blades are 440C SS and Mechanical Blades are 420SS.  SWAT Broadheads is Veteran Owned and has all Veteran Employees.  SWAT Broadheads also Guarantees Straightness of their heads! Shoot SWAT Broadheads and "Drain Your Game"!


  • Impressive wound channel: Upon impact, the Crossbow Magnum Chisel Point Broadhead creates a substantial 2-inch entry wound, ensuring a wide initial cutting surface for effective penetration.
  • Dual-stage cutting action: After passing through the rib cage and entering the vital areas, the broadhead's secondary blades open up, resulting in an additional 1.75-inch internal cut. This two-stage cutting action enhances the broadhead's effectiveness and ensures maximum damage.
  • 2 Blade Entry, 4 Blade Exit: The broadhead is designed with a two-blade entry configuration and expands to a four-blade configuration as it exits the target. This combination optimizes the broadhead's cutting efficiency and increases the potential for a swift and humane takedown.
  • Durable and precise construction: The blades are constructed with a thickness of .036 inches, making them sturdy and reliable for consistent performance. The X-MAG broadhead has undergone rigorous testing, including trials with modern crossbow speeds and on various targets, including B&C whitetails. It has proven to fly accurately, even outperforming a field point in terms of precision.
  • Premium materials: The broadhead's ferrules are made from 7075-T6 Aluminum, which is twice as strong as other competing heads. The tip blades are crafted from 440C stainless steel, known for its durability and sharpness, while the mechanical blades are made from 420SS stainless steel for reliable cutting performance.
  • Veteran-owned company: SWAT Broadheads takes pride in being a veteran-owned company with all veteran employees. This commitment to excellence and dedication to quality is reflected in their products.
  • Guaranteed straightness: SWAT Broadheads stands behind the quality of their products and guarantees the straightness of their broadheads. This assurance ensures that hunters can rely on consistent and accurate performance from their broadheads.
  • Ethical hunting motto: The company's motto, "Drain Your Game," emphasizes their commitment to ethical hunting practices, promoting quick and efficient takedowns to minimize suffering and ensure responsible hunting.


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