Eleven Point River Kayak Trip

Eleven Point River Kayak Trip

Andrew Fleeman on Mar 8th 2018

Being employees of DNW Outdoors, our guys like to get out in the wild and enjoy weekends wherever they can find water during the summer months. This past weekend, a few of our employees headed up to the Eleven Point River near Alton, MO to take a little float and try to catch a few fish. The Eleven Point National Scenic River was established in 1968 as a 44-mile scenic river, free of impoundments with a largely undeveloped shoreline and watershed. The Eleven Point River meanders through the picturesque Ozark hills of southern Missouri. Its course is cut in the shadows of steep bluffs, through sloping forested valleys, and low lying riparian ecosystems. Trout fishing starts at the confluence of the Greer spring branch and the river. Greer is the world's 10th biggest spring and doubles the size of the river while turning it into a cold water fishery. This is the beginning of the blue ribbon trout section, which extends about 6 miles to Turner Mill spring.

Check out a few of their pics below: