Fish Stick RTF Recurve Bow

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Fish Stick RTF Recurve Bow

This package and take-down design has what you need to hit the water and start stick'n. The Fish Stick is the choice for everything from big Commons in the North to Gator Gar in the swamps. Its high-grade aluminum riser and composite limbs will stand up to all the abuse bowfishing doles out.


  • Take-Down design measures 56 inches long with a 45-lb. peak draw weight
  • High-grade aluminum riser and composite limbs that handles abuse of bowfishing
  • Package includes drum reel with line, roller rest, and arrow with Piranha point
  • No-slip rubber grip and Blister Buster finger pads for a consistent shot every time
  • Threaded holes for mounting sights or reels that accept Cajun Winch and Winch Pro


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