Drake LST Guardian Double Down Full

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LST Guardian Double Down Full Zip

Our patented Eqwader™ technology (patent #7,318,239) revolutionized waterfowl clothing and has been a core piece of the Drake Waterfowl brand since day one. Just like the Earth's equator is the dividing line between two distinct temperate zones, we noticed a similar dividing line on the body when you are wearing chest waders: cold, hostile conditions above the waders, and warm, humid conditions underneath the waders. Our unique combination of waterproof/breathable fabric on the sleeves and upper body matched with ultra-breathable fleece on the lower body introduced a whole new level of comfort and performance when wearing chest waders. The moisture-wicking polyester Double Down fabric on the lower torso is 15 times more breathable than the upper waterproof Guardian Flex™ material and works to prevent the build-up of perspiration and moisture vapor. These dual zones of protection keep you dry both inside and outside your waders.


•  2 Time & Motion™ Magnattach™ call and whistle pockets
•  2 Time & Motion™ zippered chest pockets
•  Adjustable neoprene cuffs
•  Reinforced HD3™ elbow/forearm protection
• 2 zippered lower pockets


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