Deadrun Rabbit Scent Stick

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Product Description

Deadrun Rabbit Scent Stick

By Using scent while calling, you appeal to another sense and increase your chances of luring in predators closer and with less caution. Rabbit scent, in conjunction with rabbit distress call, conveys a food source convincing predators who are coming in from down wind.

The wax stick formula prevents spilling, accidental leaks in your pocket or backpack and a mess that can end up on your fingers (which you smell during lunch). A big advantage of wax is that the scent won't wash away in rain or dew like liquid scent.

Bottled scent requires preservatives. ConQuest's stick formula requires no preservatives so you get 100% pure, unpreserved scent! And, it will not break down in temperature less than 100 degrees. Apply to trees, rocks, brush blinds or most anything in your hunting area. Store container in re-sealable bag when not using.


  • Contains scents and smells of Rabbit
  • Stick applies easily on all kinds of surfaces clothes, trees, stands, and more
  • Resealable 2.5 oz. container no spilling or leaking
  • Does not freeze effective to use all season long