Claw Rifle Sling - Black

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Claw Rifle Sling - Black

Hunting in extreme conditions this season? The CLAW® Sling will last as long as you do in both the harshest arctic weather or scorching heat conditions you hunt in. The pad will remain flexible to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and is U.V. stabilized to eliminate fading and cracking. The durable CLAW® Rifle Sling can be used with rifles, shotguns or any firearm with swivel studs mounted on the buttstock and barrel. As an added value, The Claw® Rifle Sling comes with patented Hush Stalker II™ Sling Swivels that will not squeak, rust or rattle. They are over two times stronger and lighter than conventional metal swivels. These swivels fit all standard studs and will not dent or mar the finish on your stock. The CLAW® Rifle Sling is not only comfortable to use and easy to clean, but will not hold water like foam, urethane or leather slings.

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