100gr Night Fury Extreme 2 Blade Broadhead by Bloodsport

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Product Description

100gr Night Fury Extreme 2 Blade Broadhead by Bloodsport

The blade containment system on the Night Fury® Extreme flies with deadly field-point accuracy. What you may not expect is the punishing damage this blade delivers upon impact. Two curved, cross-opening blades instantly open on contact to create a cutting diameter of 2-¼ inches. And because the Night Fury Extreme doesn’t require any rubber bands or O-rings, there is little energy loss ” making hits all the more devastating. 2-¼” cutting diameter mechanical blades Integrated chisel tip 420 stainless steel blades 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule Patented Blade Retention System™ keeps blades closed until entry No rubber bands or O-rings True field-point accuracy Designed for use with compound bows and crossbows.


  • Cutting Diameter: The broadhead features two curved, cross-opening mechanical blades with a cutting diameter of 2-¼ inches for devastating impact.
  • Integrated Chisel Tip: Equipped with an integrated chisel tip on the mechanical blades for enhanced penetration and damage.
  • Blade Material: The blades are made of 420 stainless steel, ensuring durability and sharpness for effective hunting performance.
  • Ferrule Material: Constructed from 7075 aircraft aluminum, providing strength and lightweight properties.
  • Patented Blade Retention System™: Utilizes a patented Blade Retention System™ that keeps the blades closed until entry, enhancing flight accuracy.
  • No Rubber Bands or O-rings: The mechanical deployment system does not rely on rubber bands or O-rings, minimizing potential failure points and energy loss.
  • True Field-Point Accuracy: Engineered for true field-point accuracy, ensuring consistent shooting and precise target engagement.