Standard Grand Slam Turkey Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomland by Alps Outdoorz

ALPS 8471000
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Standard Grand Slam Turkey Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomland by Alps Outdoorz

Introducing the Standard Grand Slam Turkey Vest in Mossy Oak Bottomland by Alps Outdoorz, the epitome of excellence in turkey hunting gear. Recognized by Outdoor Life as the Best Turkey Vest for Long Sits, this vest is meticulously crafted to provide unmatched comfort, convenience, and functionality during your hunting expeditions.

At the core of this vest is its innovative sit-anywhere removable kickstand frame, offering you the flexibility to sit comfortably in any terrain. The adjustable legs, coupled with fast-locking technology, ensure stability and support, while swivel feet prevent sinking into soft ground. Whether you're perched on rocky terrain or nestled in the underbrush, this vest provides a reliable and comfortable seating solution.

Designed with the utmost attention to detail, the Standard Grand Slam Turkey Vest boasts a range of features to enhance your hunting experience. The removable memory foam fold-away seat offers plush comfort during long hours of waiting, while the detachable shoulder straps provide maximum shooting comfort, allowing you to maintain focus and precision when the moment of truth arrives.

Equipped with essential storage options, this vest includes two slate call pockets, a striker pocket capable of holding three strikers and one larger locator call, and a locator call pocket for quick access to your calls. The smartphone sleeve allows you to stay connected without sacrificing stealth, while the silent, protective box call pocket ensures your calls remain secure and undisturbed. Five shell loops provide convenient storage for ammunition, while the hydration compatibility ensures you stay refreshed during extended hunts.

With a large game bag for storing your prized trophies, two side/water bottle pockets, and two mesh zippered pockets inside the vest, this turkey vest offers ample storage for all your hunting essentials. Additionally, side compression straps adjust to different body types, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for every hunter.

Experience the pinnacle of turkey hunting gear with the Standard Grand Slam Turkey Vest by Alps Outdoorz. From its innovative design to its unparalleled functionality, this vest is engineered to help you achieve your hunting goals with ease and confidence.