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Box Call Clip by Woodhaven Custom Calls

WoodHaven’s Box Call Cutt’n Clip is an essential tool for fine-tuning your turkey box call, ensuring consistent and repeatable yelping and cutting in the field. Crafted from flexible polymer material, this clip features a spring-action finger that serves as a reference point for running the box call lid.

Designed for ease of use, simply slide the Box Call Cutt’n Clip along different points of your box call until you find the sweet spot where your call produces the most consistent yelps and cutts with the desired pitch. The universal design ensures compatibility with almost any 2-sided box call, making it a versatile addition to your turkey hunting gear.

Enhance your calling game and maximize your chances of success with the WoodHaven Box Call Cutt’n Clip, your go-to tool for achieving optimal performance from your favorite turkey box call.