AMS Chaos QT Fiberglass Arrow WHT by AMS Bowfishing

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Chaos QT Fiberglass Arrow WHT

Our AMS Chaos® QT point is engineered and manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions out on the water. Featuring a spiraled Cyclone® tip hardened through a special heat treat process, this point stays exceptionally sharp for consistent performance. With its Cyclone® tip, super short body, heavy gauge wire barbs, and stainless steel construction, the Chaos® QT is built to last a lifetime, providing unparalleled durability and strength. Suitable for targeting all types of fish in shallow waters, this versatile point is a favorite among shooters of all levels, including those with lower draw weights. Its short length and narrow barbs require minimal penetration to effectively engage the fish, ensuring a quick and secure hold. The stationary barbs firmly grip the fish and release easily with a quick turn of the shaft, making retrieval a breeze.