Xtinction 2 Release with Wrist Buckle by STAN Releases

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Introducing the Stan Xtinction 2 Archery Release Aid, a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to take your archery performance to the next level. With its cutting-edge features and advanced technology, this release aid offers unrivaled precision, adjustability, and reliability.

One of the standout features of the Stan Xtinction 2 is its Sear & 1/2 technology, which allows you to extend your shooting range. This innovative mechanism ensures consistent trigger activation weight, even if you adjust the holding weight of your bow. This means you can fine-tune your bow's weight without compromising the consistency of your shot, giving you greater control and accuracy.

The Stan Xtinction 2 represents the next generation of premier index finger-activated releases. Its no-look self-resetting open hook design offers convenience and ease of use. The deeper hook provides reduced lateral nock travel, resulting in improved arrow flight and accuracy. Additionally, the hook opens away from the face, ensuring a clear path for the arrow and minimizing interference.

The wrist strap of the Stan Xtinction 2 is lockable and offers infinite length adjustment. Whether you prefer a web connector or a direct connector, you have the flexibility to choose the option that suits your comfort and shooting style. This customizable fit ensures a secure and comfortable grip, promoting consistent and controlled shots.

The release aid features independently adjustable trigger travel and tension, allowing you to customize the shot to your preference. This level of adjustability ensures that every shot feels natural and comfortable, resulting in enhanced consistency and accuracy.

With its ultra-quiet 30:1 load reduction Sear & 1/2 mechanism, the Stan Xtinction 2 delivers a smooth and silent shooting experience. This mechanism reduces the effort required to activate the trigger, promoting a clean and crisp release.

In summary, the Stan Xtinction 2 Archery Release Aid is a game-changing accessory that combines advanced technology, precision engineering, and customizable features. With its Sear & 1/2 technology, no-look self-resetting open hook design, independently adjustable trigger, and ultra-quiet mechanism, this release aid provides the ultimate shooting experience. Elevate your archery skills with the Stan Xtinction 2 and enjoy enhanced accuracy, consistency, and confidence with every shot.


  • Extend your range with sear & 1/2 technology
  • Next generation of premier Index finger activated releases
  • No look self resetting open hook design
  • New deeper hook provides less lateral nock travel and opens away from face
  • Wrist strap is lockable with infinite length adjustment in both a Web Connector or Direct Connector
  • Independently adjustable trigger travel and tension for completely customizable shot
  • Ultra quiet 30:1 load reduction Sear & 1/2mechanism keeps trigger activation weight consistent even if you adjust holding weight of your bow