Standard Limb Clamp Kit by Hamskea

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HAMSKEA 904000

Product Description

The standard limb clamp works on most solid limb as well as most split limb bows. Our “Standard” limb clamp is a dual bracket design with a single screw that sandwiches the limb between the brackets while acting as the dampening coil mounting device. All of our limb clamp designs include our patent pending dampening spring coil. The dampening coil prevents the cord from stretching, acts as a shock absorber when the shot is fired, and manages the launcher rebound. The attachment cord is D-braid and provides exceptional durability. The limb clamp system can also be used to retrofit to your existing (non-HAMSKEA) limb actuated arrow rests. Standard Limb Clamp Kit containing clamp, spring, 30″ D-Braid cord, and attachment screw.