Safariland ALS Slim Holster Flex Paddle RH Colt Officer

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Product Description

ALS Slim Holster Flex Paddle 

The Safariland Model 7378 7TS Holster combines the security of ALS with the speed and simplicity of an open-top design. ALS secures your weapon automatically as it is holstered, yet still allows a fast, natural draw with the swipe of the thumb-release as you acquire your shooting grip. Built from durable, weather- and temperature-resistant SafariSeven non-marking nylon blend, the Model 7378 7TS will not scratch or mar the finish of your firearm, and its raised interior stand-offs allow dirt and moisture to clear quickly.


  • Made in the USA
  • Clamp closure
  • All NEW proprietary patent pending Safaris even (7TS) 100% nylon construction contains NO abrasive hardeners and WILL NOT mar the weapons' finish
  • Features the ALS(Automatic Locking System) which secures weapon once holstered; simple straight out draw once ALS is deactivated by thumb while obtaining shooting grip
  • Very high heat and low cold tolerances/ structurally sound from -50-300 degrees fahrenheit and can be submerged indefinitely and will maintain shape and function

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