Hurricane 150gn 3 Blade Broadhead by Ozcut

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Hurricane 150gn 3 Blade Broadhead by Ozcut


The Hurricane 150gn 3 Blade Broadhead by Ozcut, designed to revolutionize your hunting experience with its cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship. Engineered with patented Offset Blade technology, the Ozcut Hurricane ensures unmatched bone-crushing penetration, field point accuracy, and exceptional durability.

Key Features of the Hurricane 150gn 3 Blade Broadhead:

  • Patented Offset Blade Technology: Enables rotation through flesh and bone upon impact, maximizing penetration and enhancing wound channels for rapid, ethical kills.
  • Premium Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from 100% stainless steel for ultimate strength and durability, ensuring reliability in every shot.
  • Three Single-Bevel Blades: Delivers a 2" total cutting surface diameter, designed to create massive blood trails and optimize performance.
  • Field Point Accuracy: Engineered for precise aiming and consistent performance in the field.
  • Bone Splitting Tanto Tip: Enhances cutting efficiency and ensures effective penetration.
  • Silent Flight: One-piece construction and stout blade thickness ensure silent flight, maintaining stealth during your hunt.
  • Resharpen & Reuse: Designed for longevity and economy, allowing you to sharpen and reuse the broadheads multiple times.
  • Available in Various Grain Weights: Choose from 100, 125, or 150 grain options to suit your hunting needs.
  • Pack of Three Broadheads: Each pack includes three broadheads, providing value and reliability for your hunting arsenal.

Discover the Ozcut Hurricane 150gn 3 Blade Broadhead and experience the difference in performance and reliability that only Ozcut Broadheads can deliver. Perfect for hunters seeking maximum effectiveness and precision in every shot. Browse and shop now to elevate your hunting game with Ozcut's finest broadheads.