Hard Body 1/4 Strut Jake & Jill Decoy Combo by Hidgon Outdoors

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HIGDON 63181

Product Description

Hard Body 1/4 Strut Jake & Jill Decoy Combo by Hidgon Outdoors

Ultra lightweight & durable hard body design Higdon Outdoors has brought our legendary decoy expertise to the world of turkey hunting. Our design, engineering and turkey hunting professionals have teamed up to design a full line of decoys that are versatile, easy to set up, simple to use, and are sure to lure in aggressive gobblers. Each of these hard body ultra lightweight decoys utilizes our XHD Hyper Feathering process that showcases each individual feather for maximum realism. The universal stake motion system brings these decoys to life in even the lightest breeze for subtle, natural decoy movement. Our realistic turkey decoy line includes a Quarter Strut Jake, Laydown Hen, Upright Hen and Feeder Hen. Use each decoy on its own or create your own combinations to customize your turkey spread and bring those big Toms right into range.


• Ultra-realistic
• Lightweight for transport
• XHD Hyper Feathering and iridescence
• Irresistible laydown posture Hen
• Semi-aggressive posture Jake
• Durable hard body construction