FasTrack Bow Holder by Summit Treestands

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SUM 85309

Product Description

FasTrack Bow Holder by Summit Treestands

A new addition to the FasTrack® accessory lineup, the FasTrack Bow Holder keeps your bow close and secure so you have quick access whenever the opportunity for the perfect shot arises.

To lock in the Bow Holder, slide it into the FasTrack rail via one of the four entry ports on the front or sides of your seat frame. Once aligned in the desired spot, tighten the top knob. To adjust the angle of the Bow Holder, loosen the bottom knob, slide the green fork away from the metal bracket, rotate it to the desired angle, then slide it back into the bracket and tighten the bottom knob. Test and adjust the angle of the fork more as needed until it holds your bow without additional support. See further instructions in the product manual via the link below.


  • Material: Steel with overmolded rubber
  • Compatible with the Viper® PRO SD using the FasTrack® rail

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