100gr Jak-Knife 2 Blade Broadhead by Wasp Archery

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WASP 1903

Product Description

100gr Jak-Knife 2 Blade Broadhead by Wasp Archery

The 2 blade broadhead based on the time tested Jak Hammer head. Featuring a Super Wide 2″+ Cutting Diameter, Stainless Smart Tip, .036″ Stainless Steel Blades with precision field point like flight.  The 100gr Jak-Knife 2 Blade Broadhead by Wasp Archery is equipped with a 2.0”+ cutting diameter, the Jak-Knife is the most reliable 2-blade cut on contact broadhead on the market. The O-Ring blade retention system is a proven performer as it has been used on the Wasp Jak-Hammer – the best selling mechanical broadhead of all time. It guarantees proper deployment on every shot. Upon impact, the .036” thick blades open to a maximum cutting diameter. The Jak-Knife gives bowhunters the best of both worlds: A wide-cutting broadhead with field point accuracy and no worry of mechanical failure. And the best part of all? It’s made right here in the USA with the quality you expect from American products.


  • Based on Proven Design: The broadhead is based on the time-tested Jak Hammer head, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Super Wide Cutting Diameter: Equipped with a 2″+ cutting diameter, providing a large wound channel for effective hunting results.
  • Stainless Smart Tip: Features a Stainless Smart Tip that enhances penetration and ensures deep tissue cutting.
  • Blade Thickness: The broadhead has .036″ thick stainless steel blades, offering durability and sharpness.
  • Precision Field Point-Like Flight: The broadhead exhibits precision field point-like flight for accurate shooting.
  • O-Ring Blade Retention System: Utilizes a proven O-Ring blade retention system for reliable and proper deployment upon impact.
  • Maximum Cutting Diameter: Upon impact, the .036″ thick blades open to a maximum cutting diameter for devastating tissue damage.
  • Reliable and Mechanical Failure-Free: The Jak-Knife provides a wide-cutting broadhead without the worry of mechanical failure, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly manufactured in the USA, meeting the quality standards expected from American products.
  • Comes 3 Broadhead to a pack.

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