White's Auto-Fisher Reel 12 Pack

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White's Auto-Fisher Reel 12 Pack

Increase your catches with the Mechanical Whites Auto Fisher set of 12 automatic fishing reels made of galvanized steel. The fishing reels include a tempered spring that automatically sets the hook when the trigger is released by a fish taking the bait. The automatic fishing reels can be attached to tree limbs, boat docks, sticks, the side of a boat or by any other means that will suspend the reel a couple of inches above the water. The reels are easy to set up and are designed to lure, hook and hold all your catches. Mechanical Whites Auto Fisher reels are very popular for catching crappies and catfish and also make an ideal device for ice fishing. The fishing reels are strong, dependable and will last you a long time.


  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Tempered spring
  • Model number AF-125
  • Mechanical fisher 12 pack

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