Viper Archery Charge Recharge Sight Light

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Charge Recharge Sight Light

IT'S ABOUT DANG TIME:  Allow me to introduce you to a product that we have been dreaming about since someone had the brilliant idea to first put a sight light port, into the side of a fiber optic compound bow sight. A sight light truly is one of the handiest tools in your archery arsenal, but holy crap they can be frustrating, when it comes to the batteries that power the things that is. Most sight lights use those super tiny, circular watch style batteries and for the most part, they work fine, until they don't. Accidently turn the sight light on, or simply use it often enough and those batteries will eventually die and then the hunt begins to replace them. HOWEVER!!!! Thanks to Viper Archery those days are long gone. The Charge by Viper is one of the coolest additions to the archery market in years. The Charge sight light is fully rechargeable via an included micro USB, has indicator lights to let you know the charging status, has universal adapters to fit 1/4", 7/16" and 3/8" ports, has 3 levels of brightness and you get up to 4 hours of battery on a single (one hour or less) charge. When the battery needs charged simply turn the top to reveal a micro USB port, and then simply turn the top back when finished. It excites me just typing about it. No more rationing the battery on your sight light, and no more ordering a 1000 pack of batteries on eBay just because that is all you can find, even though you only need a two pack. The Charge is waterproof, durable, bright and a personal dream come true for yours truly.

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