Scent Crusher Roller Bag -Halo

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Scent Crusher Roller Bag -Halo

A larger version of the Gear Bag, the Scent Crusher® Ozone Roller Bag gives you the extra space needed for long hunting trips. Using evenly distributed ozone particles, the Scent Crusher Bag quickly destroys odor-causing bacteria for maximum freshness, without the need to launder your gear. Simply place your gear in the bag, zip it up, and set the timer for fresh, odor-free gear. Constructed of heavy-duty Techno-lite fabric with a weather-resistant base, this gear bag is sure to stand up to years of heavy deodorizing use, while an extendable handle and heavy-duty wheels offer easy transportation to and from the field. 12V adapter and 110V charger included.


  • Techno-lite fabric
  • Weather-resistant base
  • D-flap opening
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • 2 exterior pockets and 1 insulated inner pocket
  • Maintenance-free digital ozone generator included
  • 12V adapter and 110V rechargeable
  • Airport/TSA compliant


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