Rapid Safe/Shackle Box Combo

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HORN 98151

Product Description

Rapid Safe/Shackle Box Combo

If you are a concealed carry permit holder, the Hornady ArmLock Box is the safety device you have been looking for. The Hornady ArmLock Box is well designed using highly durable 16 gauge steel to prevent unauthorized access to your firearm by children and adults alike. The Hornady ArmLock Box is also ideal for use in cars for times that you can not concealed carry into a location due to restrictions. Pick up a Hornady ArmLock Box today and make sure your firearm stays put.


  • ArmLock system features a 1/8" laser cut, steel shackle that adjusts to accommodate objects up to 3.5" in diameter
  • Constructed of 16-gauge steel, which is far superior to the 20-gauge steel used by other products on the market
  • Exterior 10.25"x8"x3"
  • Interior 9.75"x7.5"x2.25"
  • Designed to exceed ASTM standards for child resistance and protection from unauthorized access
  • Both safes can travel with you and meet TSA requirements for handgun security in luggage
  • Industry first, patent pending TriPoint locking system features 3 points of contact Three, .5" wide steel locking lugs
  • Padded interior
  • Ideal choice for concealed carry permit holders

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