Quiver Rise Hook by TightSpot

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Product Description

Tight Spot quiver brackets will not hinder your shot. Combine the TightSpot's "RightSpot" adjustability with hanging tight, weighing light, and you have the world’s first No torque arrow quiver. The TightSpot hunting quiver is truly the first bow quiver to complement, not compromise, the performance of your bow! TightSpot hunting arrow quiver adjusts to the right location on your bow to give you overall system balance and fights accuracy-affecting torque. With TightSpot quivers, you'll shoot better with your quiver on than you ever did with your quiver off!


  • This small addition - TightSpot Quiver Rise hook accessory for you quiver will provide you with the comfort you need while hunting
  • This Rise hook is perfect for those that prefer to take the quiver off the bow when in the treestand and easily hang it on the tree
  • This TightSpot Quiver Rise hook is made of high-quality material. It is rugged and durable and will last long
  • TightSpot Rise hook comes with screws and bolts you will need for its installation