Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0

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Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0

The Magpul Core Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 uses a simplified density altitude-based, color-coded chart to record your rifles' data across a wide spectrum of shooting conditions. Using a rugged, all weather material that can be written on using map pens, pencils, and non-permanent markers, this data book was designed to perform in austere conditions. Recorded data can also be erased with alcohol-based substances so the book can be reused. The Magpul Core Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 provides a true all-weather, semi rigid writing surface. Its pages are reusable and include a field expedient density altitude calculator, cold bore shot tracking log, known distance data confirmation pages, range cards, a point of impact shift tracker, and simple hasty hold formulas. Ring not included.


  • Recorded material is erasable with alcohol.
  • Field Expedient Density Altitude calculator.
  • Cold Bore / Night Optic and POI Shift Track Logs.
  • KD Data collection sheets from -5000 to 16,700 feet DA.
  • Moving target and Hasty Hold formulas.

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