Orgin A 6.6:1 Baitcast Reel

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13 OA6.6-RH

Product Description

Origin A 6.6:1 Baitcast Reel

Combining premium features, outstanding value, and cutting-edge cosmetics, the ONE3 By 13 Fishing Origin A Casting Reel delivers flawless performance that you can feel cast-after-cast. Encapsulated in a lightweight composite frame, the ONE3 By 13 Origin A Casting Reel is built with Japanese Hamai-Cut Gearing, which delivers an overall smoothness that you can feel with each handle rotation.

Whether you’re casting or cranking, the ONE3 By 13 Fishing Origin A Casting Reel keeps the spool automatically and systematically leveled with ONE3’s innovative Arrowhead line management system. Placing an emphasis on power and control, the ONE3 By 13 Fishing Origin A Casting Reel is fitted with instant stop anti-reverse, ONE3 soft touch knobs, and backed by 13lbs of drag.

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