Normark Corporation DT-10 DivesTo 10' Crankbait

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Product Description

DT-10 DivesTo 10' Crankbait

The Rapala® DT® Series will dive faster and stay in the targeted strike zone longer than any other crankbait. Only the DT Series lures are made from the top 7% of select balsa wood; its perfect consistency combines with carefully placed internal weights, a precisely tapered body, and a thin tail to create the ultimate crankbait action. Its ultra-thin polycarbonate lip digs down quickly to the desired depth and creates a strike-provoking side-to-side action, intensifying the noise produced by the internal rattle chamber. Designed to fly like an arrow, the Rapala DT casts exceptionally long, keeping the bait in the strike zone virtually all the way in.

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