Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader

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MOU 53880

Product Description

ATV Food Plot Spreader

Specially designed for planting food plots on and around your hunting property, Moultrie’s ATV Food Plot Spreader lets you get up and running in just 5 easy steps. A convenient shut-off gate allows you to regulate the amount of seed dispensed while a quick-disconnect feature lets you detach the spreader in a snap once you’re done. Featuring a rust-proof, tapered plastic hopper that ensures the complete unloading of all seed or fertilizer, the ATV Food Plot Spreader also has universal mounting brackets that make it compatible with most ATV models.

Draw increased deer traffic to your hunting property with the help of Moultrie’s ATV Food Plot Spreader, which lets you plant and fertilize seeds with ease.

■ Durable, tapered plastic hopper with a 50 lb. capacity
■ Heavy-duty 12-volt motor
■ Adjustable shut-off gate regulates amount/type of seed or fertilizer dispensed
■ Built-in quick-release system for easy bucket detachment
■ Universal mounting bracket compatible with most ATVs


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