Mojo Wading Pole "The Knot"

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Wading Pole "The Knot"

Tired of stumbling on unseen objects in the water? Finally an aid to hunters wading in the mud and water! The Mojo Wading Pole has a specially designed tip - The Knot - to give waders support without the tip sticking in the mud. Light weight and handy the pole has a comfortable handle with carry strap adjustable from 42 to 60 inches to comfortably adjust for persons of any height. Designed to float in the water to prevent you from losing it. The Wading Pole is a MUST for waterfowlers and other hunters who wade in the mud and water.


  • HUNT SAFER: Helps navigate through unseen objects in the water and mud.
  • HUNT SMARTER: Don't compromise your gear, use the Knot to get to your stand without falling in the water.
  • NEVER GET STUCK IN THE MUD: Specially designed that won't get stuck in the mud.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED: Lightweight and adjustable up to 60" with carrying strap.


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    Mojo Knot Wading Pole

    Posted by Woos on Dec 12th 2019

    Have had one for five or six seasons now. Love it. Hunting buddies made fun at first. Now they want them. Which is why I’m buying this one. Great for sticky mud in a swamp.

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