DNW Adds New Brands to Better Serve Customers

by Andrew Fleeman

Since 2002, DNW Outdoors has consistently changed and evolved to better serve the tens of thousands of customers we provide for each year. This year, DNW decided it was time to get some new names in the store that customers had been asking for, and when customers ask, DNW delivers. This spring, the store added over 10 new brands which brings the total number of brands to over 30 brands in store now. DNW also has it’s own line of specialty clothing starting with over 15 new t-shirt designs this spring. Brands that were added this year are Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, HUK, Southern Proper, Coastal Cotton, Southern Trend, and many more. Let’s see what these brands have to offer.

Vineyard Vines

Even though Shep and Ian started off selling ties because they were tired of working behind office desk, the Vineyard Vines has grown to a full collection of some of the best clothing that can be purchased today. DNW proudly carries a full selection of t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, sport shirts, and most of the VV accessories like hats and flip flops. Vineyard Vines started around the Martha’s Vineyard area and most of the clothes are based around the feel of the Martha's Vineyard lifestyle.