Intercept Axon LT Crossbow Package by Carbon Express

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CX 20252

Product Overview

Intercept Axon LT Crossbow Package by Carbon Express

The Intercept Axon LT is a top-of-the-line crossbow that features a unique, military design. Built on the Intercept Chassis, the Intercept platform uses the same reliable, modular component system as black guns. This gives the Axon unlimited potential for customization because it can accommodate almost all military and commercial parts. Combined with precision engineering and devastating speeds of 360+ fps, the Intercept Axon LT gives you absolute confidence to make your best shot.


  • Speed: 360+ FPS
  • Kinetic Energy:  122 ft/lb
  • Draw Weight:  175 lbs
  • Power Stoke:  13.5"
  • Weight:  8.1 lbs
  • Length:  30.25 (With stock collapsed)
  • Width: 13.5" (Cocked) / 17" (Uncocked)
  • Length of Pull:  Adjustable 12" to 17.5"

Package Includes:

  • Intercept Axon Lt Crossbow
  • 3 Maxima Blue Streak Premium Carbon Bolts
  • 4x32 deluxe lighted scope
  • Quick-detach 3-arrow quiver with side bracket
  • Cocking rope
  • 3 practice points
  • Rail lubricant


(No reviews yet) Write a Review