Impact Vest - Obsession

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ALPS 8419400

Product Description

Impact Vest - Obsession

The functional design of the Impact Vest gives hunters a versatile, light-weight, sit-anywhere hunting vest — ready at the flip of a seat. The Impact Vest boasts numerous pockets for a variety of calls — a slate call pocket for two slate calls and three strikers, a silent box call pocket, five shotgun shell loops, and three diaphragm call pockets. A removable front pocket features a shoulder strap for run-and-gun style hunts and the seat conveniently folds away or completely detaches when not in use. The Impact Vest also includes a game bag on the back of the vest which features a pocket inside for decoy stakes. The soft, durable Brushed Tricot fabric reduces noise, and the popular camo patterns blend seamlessly into your surroundings. The Impact vest provides hunters with all the convenience of a metal-frame vest while remaining lightweight and versatile.


  • Sit-anywhere, lightweight design
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate a variety of sizes
  • Removable front pocket with shoulder strap for run and gun style hunts
  • Silent box call pocket
  • Slate call pocket for two slate calls and three strikers
  • Five shotgun shell loops and three diaphragm call pockets
  • Brushed Tricot fabric on the exterior for noise reduction
  • Removable seat
  • Game bag on the back of the vest
  • Pocket on inside of game bag for decoy stakes

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