Feeder Universal Digital Timer

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MOU 60008

Product Description

Feeder Universal Digital Timer

The Moultrie Universal Digital Timer easily replaces or upgrades any photocell timer kit. Now you can customize your run times anywhere from 1 20 seconds and schedule feedings up to a maximum of 6 feedings a day.

This timer works great with all of Moultrie's 6 Volt feeders that run off a sealed lead acid battery.

The Moultrie Universal Digital Timer comes complete with a built in battery level monitor! You'll always know when it's time to replace those worn batteries, so you'll never miss a feeding. Not only that, but it's extremely quick and easy to install.

Replace your old photocell timer kit and get the Moultrie Universal Digital Timer.

  • Moultrie universal digital timer
  • Replace or upgrade photocell and timer kits
  • Programmable digital timer, schedule up to 6 feedings a day
  • Customize feeder run times between 1 20 seconds
  • Built in battery level monitor

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