F&T #5 Bridger 4-Coiled Offset

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F&T 100656

Product Description

#5 Bridger 4-Coiled Offset

A great choice for wolf sets, the Bridger #5 Alaskan Modified Laminated Offset Jaw Predator Trap offers the holding power and durability to hold through the roughest abuse. Built even heavier than Bridger's sturdy standard #5 coil spring design, this heavy-duty trap is built to deliver the strength and flexibility to hold wolves and other big furbearers like otter, beaver, and cougar. An offset jaw design, this trap combines tough steel construction with 4 heavy-duty coil springs to deliver secure holding power. This reinforced design comes standard with heavier swivels, including a rugged wolf swivel attached to the welded base plate.


  • Powerful coil spring trap built for wolves and other big furbearers
  • Reinforced throughout to stand up to abuse
  • Laminated offset jaw design with 4 heavy-duty coil springs
  • #5 chain with heavy-duty swivels, including wolf swivel at the welded base plate
  • Durable steel construction
  • Smart choice for mixed species trappers

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