Decapping Pins 5pk - Large

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RCBS 09609

Product Description

Decapping Pins 5pk - Large

RCBS® offers a variety of decapping pins for all reloading needs. Headed pins are for most current production expander-decapping and decapping rods. X-small pins are designed to use with undersized flash holes, and have a diameter of .057 inch. Small pins are for pre-1990s collet-style rods designed for small-primer cartridges, as well as for current competition-style dies/rods, X Die® mandrels, PPC and .357 Sig. Large pins are designed for collet-style rods for large primer cartridges, as well as for current competition-style dies/rods, 7 TCU and 35 Whelen. Straight-styles are meant for use with .50 BMG, .416 Barrett and .460 Steyr. Important: Expander-Decapping Units, Decapping Units and all Decapping Pins are available through RCBS® Distributors and Dealers. All other replacement parts should be ordered from RCBS Customer Service.

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