Blackie Gray Dog 1oz Lure

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F&T 101637

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Blackie Gray Dog 1oz Lure

Blackie's Blend Gray Dog Lure is an up-scale glandular that has passed the test of time with flying colors.  As a rule, food and call lures are Blackie's mainstay on the coyote line.  However, now and then an old dog will get snooty.  Gray Dog is designed to work on these trouble coyotes.  Make your set and leave it alone.  This lure will last for weeks at the set.  Gray Dog will create the desire for the coyote to remain and work the set.  Thick and powerful.  Spiked with a little known ingredient that coyotes love.  Endorsed by several oustanding coyote trappers from Montana to Maine.  Also excellent for dry land sets for large boar coon.

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