Banded 5mm Dog Parka - MAX5

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Product Description

Banded 5mm Dog Parka - MAX5

When we set out to develop the Banded Sporting Dog line, our goal was to design products that keep the dog's best interest in mind. The 5mm Dog Parka is designed to protect your dog from dangerous snags in the field while trapping in body heat for additional warmth. We integrated floatation padding for additional buoyancy and added easy lift handles for an easy grab. The dog parka can also be trimmed for a perfect fit. Providing protection and helping your retriever perform has never been easier.   
  • 5mm spandura neoprene construction 
  • Heavy-duty zipper 
  • Easy lift handles 
  • Dog leash clip 
  • Floatation padding provides additional buoyancy 
  • Easily trims for a perfect fit around neck and leg areas

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