Avery ProGrade Pintails-6pk

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AVE 73131

Product Description

Avery PG Pintails - 6pk

Avery Greenhead Gear has expanded the largest decoy line on the market yet again, introducing the highly anticipated Pro-Grade Pintails.

Straight from the bench of renowned carver Jason Lucio, the Pro-Grade Pintail raises the bar yet again.

Available in packs of mixed actives and surface feeders, these decoys have the detail and paint scheme precision that will entice the wariest pintail into dropping from the sky.

Standard 60/40 keel creates lifelike movement and will never detach.


  • 2 Relaxed Drakes
  • 1 High Head Drake
  • 1 Surface Feeder Drake
  • 1 Content Hen
  • 1 Surface Feeder Hen

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