Ave Hunter Series Canada Goose-6pk

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AVE 71597

Product Description

Hunter Series Canada Goose 

GHG Hunter Series Goose Decoys. Canada goose populations total 11 subspecies in a multitude of sizes. GHG Decoy Systems Hunter Series Lesser Decoy is smaller for easy space saving transportation without sacrificing goose finishing power. Flocked head with new PermaLoc threaded stud and washer connections eliminate head breakage. 


  • Harvester Pack-Flocked feeder heads (4) on feeder bodies
  • 1 Rester head and 1 Active head on active bodies
  • Anatomically perfect bodies with flocked heads
  • Remarkable feather detail and brilliant color schemes
  • Unsurpassed paint adhesion and long-term durability
  • Flocked heads with PermaLoc head connections
  • RealMotion stakes included (6)

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