ASD Body Shield Pro Dog Parka Large - Max5

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Body Shield Pro Dog Parka - Large - Max5

This Body Shield Pro Vest by Avery Sporting Dog has a  PVC coated chest shield.    This is an extremely effective form of protection for your hard-working canine companion. Care must be taken however when trimming the shield for custom fit. Cutting this material leaves a hard edge that could be abrasive. Be sure that enough material is trimmed away that prolonged edge contact with the dog’s chest is not possible. Test the vest for fit before hunting to ensure no abrasion issues occur.



  • PVC coated neoprene chest shield is puncture and brush resistant
  • Tapered cut with 5mm neoprene
  • Full-length zipper cover
  • Cold-weather zipper pull
  • Double-tacked seams
  • Easily customized for custom fit


 Size chart:

Medium: 17" Neck - 26" chest

    L: 18" neck - 28" chest

 XL: 19" neck - 31" chest

2XL: 20" neck - 33"chest

3XL: 21" neck - 35" chest

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