Alpha Agility Snake Boot 17"

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LAC 302420

Product Description

Alpha Agility Snake Boot 17"

These aren't your garden-variety "clunker" snake boots. Where most snake boots are stiff and unresponsive, Lacrosse® Alpha Agility Boots deliver on their name with athletic-shoe comfort and flexibility that lets you climb, crouch and hike with ease—all while providing the protection you need from North American snake species. The secret is the LXA midsole compound, designed to provide athletic-shoe comfort and flexibility without sacrificing safety or support. Rounded out with an Ankle Fit design that locks your heel in place, Alpha Agility Boots deliver everything you expect from a snake boot—and quite a bit more.


  • 100% waterproof for sure-dry comfort
  • 5mm neoprene with premium hand-laid rubber overlay
  • Multi-layer rubber provides support and durability with added texture in high-wear areas
  • SnakeGuard material provides protection from snake species
  • Multi-lug rubber outsole for traction
  • LXA midsole compound provides athletic shoe agility and cushioning
  • Active Fit locks your heel in place
  • Rear gusset is adjustable for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Kick-off heel plate allows easy hands-free removal

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