400 Lum Recharge LED Headlamp

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Product Description

400 Lum Recharge LED Headlamp

Looking for a reliable headlamp. Check out the Cyclops EFLEX 400 Headlamp. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery.

  • Headlamp delivers concentrated beam of light to maximize illumination wherever your head is turned while keeping hands free for other tasks
  • 4 illumination levels (high, low, strobe, S.O.S.) lets you adjust lumen output as well as maximize burn time
  • Super-bright LED bulbs are brighter and last longer than standard flashlight bulbs plus are not susceptible to breakage due to drops and vibrations
  • Tough ABS and polycarbonate housing materials for long-life and adjustable headband for secure fit
  • Built-in rechargeable battery eliminates need for constantly buying disposable batteries
  • Includes manual and charging cable

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