Rage is leading the evolution in lethal technology. The Slip cam Broadheads are the world's best mechanical Broadheads. Rage is known for accuracy. Rage wound channels are legendary. Choose Reliability...Choose Rage.
  • Precision - Rage broad heads are known for their accuracy and their wound channels are legendary
  • Sweeping blade angle maintains kinetic energy longer, Chisel tip for bone busting power, large leading blade, Razor sharp .035" stainless steel blades, 2.3" Cutting Diameter, and 100 Grain Broadhead
  • Technology - Comes with improved Shock Collar Technology which ensures proper blade retention
  • Rage - Leading the Evolution in Mechanical Broad heads
  • Slip Cam rear blade deployment
  • Sweeping blade angle maintains kinetic energy longer
  • Not recommended for draw weights under 55 pounds
  • Leading blade honed to surgical sharpness
  • Massive wound channels
Current Stock:
Width: 12.00
Height: 3.00
Depth: 9.00
SKU: RAGE 55100

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