Sugar Beets & Bulbs

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Sugar Beets & Bulbs

Sugar Beets & Bulbs™ uses Evolved’s all-new ProGro™ proprietary bio-stimulant to grow plants that are stronger and healthier – yielding larger plants and more forage per acre. This annual blend combines the sweet taste of sugar beets with the heartiness of our T-Raptor turnip/rape hybrid for a great late fall/winter food source. Sugar beets are a deer favorite they’ll keep coming back for, and T-Raptor bulbs give them something to paw after during long winter months. This multi-season growing ability gives Sugar Beets & Bulbs the power to build regular hoof traffic while improving overall herd health. The blend is highly adaptive to a variety of soil conditions and works for summer or fall planting.


  • Blend of sugar beets and T-Raptor turnip/rape hybrid
  • Sugar beets provide sweet taste deer love
  • Hearty turnip bulbs are great for winter months
  • Vital energy source during fall and winter when food is scarce
  • ProGro™ proprietary bio-stimulant seed coating
  • Grows bigger roots & stronger plants yielding more forage per acre
  • High in protein and minerals
  • Summer or fall planting
  • Adjusts to a variety of soil conditions

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